What kinds of things can my website do?

Here's a short list of some functionality that's already built in:

  • Easy editing on any page
  • Add graphics, links and files
  • Professional online presence
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Social Network Integration
  • SEO and SEM

We are constantly adding new features that all of our customers can take advantage of. Need something not listed here? Ask us... we'll probably already have it.

How does this solution differ from every other web hosting solution on the Internet?

We are not just a web hosting service. The real power of our solution is its content management features that let you generate a professional site and then manage its content, all without needing to know HTML.

Why is PageDragon's web hosting service different from other website services on the internet, especially those "free" ones?

We're different because as soon as your account is activated you have a working web site. You may then add to and modify it as much as you'd like with no need to know anything about HTML or programming. We urge you to beware of other offers on the internet which claim to give you a website for free. Go try them out, if you wish, but remember to come back to us when you run into limits which would force you to upgrade to a non-free version. Just try to create an online store like ours on one of those services and you'll see what we mean. Those services will also charge you when you go to attach your own domain name (from GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.) to your site. Additionally, we don't brand your site with our logos... another way free sites recoup their costs. Your site is your site.

Do I own the content I place on the site?

Yes. Your content is yours. You may export your content from your site at any time you wish. You own all graphics and text that you place on your site.

How do I add content to or modify my site?

Log into the site with your username and password (supplied to you by us) and choose any text, image, or other content. Make your changes and hit "Publish." That's it.

Can I add new content to my site?

Yes. Adding a page is a simple matter of choosing "Add" from the CMS menu. Page content, articles, and blogs will show up within minutes.

Can I change my site's look and feel without worrying about my content?

Yes. You can ask us to change the look and feel (or skin) of your site at any time. All of the content you placed in the site will remain in place.

Do I control all of the branding on my site? Yes. We do not require or impose our logo or brand on your site. As far as your users are concerned, the site belongs to you with no evidence otherwise.

If my site is for a restaurant, can I place a menu on my site? Absolutely. A menu is just more content. You can log in and change it at anytime. You may also create sections describing specials and have them automatically expire on a certain date.