November 01, 2019

The POWERS-HOWCASE All-World/All-American Baseball Classic seeks to celebrate one of the finest moments in sports, the Home Run, while providing a platform for the top high school power hitting prospects from 27 countries around the world to demonstrate their overall skill-set in a major league stadium in front of baseball’s top evaluators.

Created in 2004 by Brian Domenico, the POWER SHOWCASE International High School Home Run Derby has evolved into one of the most exciting, can’t-miss events of the year.

The previous site was a typical Wordpress scenario. There was no real organization, and as the years passed, the site became more unmanageable. Player registration was too complex for standard Wordpress plugins, so it was managed manually with spreadsheets.

PageDragon solved this by creating a new site that allowed players to register online. The new site also has the ability to upsell registrants with add-ons (like jerseys and programs). In addition to registration, POWER-SHOWCASE staff were given the ability to enter and track player statistics as the events occured.

The application used Google Firebase (Firestore) as the persistence layer, and Google Firebase Auth to manage users,, ReactJS, and numerous other supporting modules and services.