PageDragon offers a full range of professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. PageDragon's SEM services, combined with the power and flexibility of the PageDragon CMS, delivers a powerful tool for increasing your site rankings.


Essential Search Engine Optimization

Cost: $200 Setup + $60 per month

Search engines need to be able to index and crawl your website, and search engines need to be informed that your site is available and ready to be crawled. When search engines find “unoptimized” sites... that is, sites that have broken links, improper content, minimal keywords, or that simply violate standards... they either abort the index process or default to assigning a very low rank to the site. This service monitors the health of your site and keeps search engines directly informed of the site's availability.


Keyword Research and Content Management

Cost: $350 Setup + $100 per month

Keywords are the “important” words on any given page of your website, and they are absolutely vital to good site ranking. There is a dynamic balance between the keywords people are searching with and those that are presented by your site. Discovering and exploiting that balance is crucial to great site ranking, and PageDragon can monitor and fine tune your site's content to best leverage the way search engines utilize keywords.


SEM – Search Engine Marketing

$100 to $1500 per month, requires SEO Level 2

The last very important component to great site ranking is the number and quality of “back links” to your site... basically any links on the web which bring a user back to your website. Search Engine Marketing encompasses all the strategies used to place links elsewhere on the Internet that direct traffic to your site. This includes using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as authoring articles and posting blogs in key web locations. Let PageDragon manage your marketing campaigns.