In the age of the Internet, users/customers search for everything before they buy and this includes visiting a new restaurant. By bringing your restaurant to the web, you can provide the customer the ability to visit your restaurant before even leaving their home.  The restaurant site can target your audience directly, showcase your food and menus, even give them a hint of your restaurant special ambience. Communicate your specials, your atmosphere, even showcase special dishes and dinning experiences.

Link to to your Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter, utilize Groupons, even customize your own coupons placed on the site.  Sell your restaurant's memoriabilia and souveniers in an Online store.

Let us drive customers to your site with extensive Search Engine Optimization. 

Some options to incorporate into your website:

  • Your Custom Menu
  • Pictures Albums of your restaurant and your Menu Items
  • Customizable Forms for Contacting You Directly
  • Online Store, complete e-commerce with Payment Options
  • Articles
  • Testimonials
  • Dedicated E-mail Service
  • Complete Web Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link to Facebook and Twitter

Visit the Saltwater Cowboy restaraunt site below to get a mere glimpse of what PAGEDRAGON can do for your restaurants...the options are limitless.