PageDragon can offer Real Estate Businesses the opportunity to create a Feature Home site.  Focus on one piece of reality and drive potential clients to you via web site media.  Often Real Estate site's feature multiple homes and do not concentrate on one potential Bug Sale.  Well now, PageDragon has provided you a venue to spotlight a particular home or property.  Either we can provide photography for the home or work with the photos you have captured. 

PageDragon also offers basic real estate sites that feature multiple Homes for Sale, for Rent and information about the properties.  Just imagine, you can have a media streamline for all the homes you are featuring.  Don't forget a Real Estate website can assist buyers/renters with the advice and tips tedious process of a purchase or rental.

Additional, incorporate social media connections, such as FaceBook, Twitter, Blog Streams, and YouTube videos.

Visit the Casa Piena's Real Estate site below to get a mere glimpse of what PAGEDRAGON can do for your business...the options are limitless.