Many artists follow, build and grow into an artistic pathway.  Art is not only created, it evolves.  The Artistic Portfolio features photography, scultptures, sketches, painting, crafts and jewlery...just to name a few.  An art website, enables the artist to expose their talents via web media.  PageDragon can easily incorporate an Online Store venue for the artists to not only feature their pieces but sell them as well.  Payment options are effortlessly added for the convienence of the artists e-Commerce functions.

Of course, PageDragon will drive customers to your site by utilizing the tricks of the trade via SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  Imagine finally being able to feature and sell the art you are so passionate about.  

Visit the Leonard Bowen's Artistic Portal below to get a mere glimpse of what PAGEDRAGON can do for your business...the options are limitless.