PageDragon Editor

Text and Graphics

We give you the most powerful web-based content editor available. If you've ever used a word processor of any kind then you'll already be right at home. Add your text, links, graphics, PDF files, Flash and more all from the same easy-to-use content editor.

Every page on your site will allow you to add a content block, and not just one! You can stack content vertically or side by side and give each section its own unique look.

PageDragon Store

Online Store Front

Ecommerce at its most elegant. Drop a product catalog on ANY page on your site and then fill it with products.

Your store is highly optimized for search engines, too. Product summaries and titles automatically get placed in your page's meta information. Every category is its own unique page, which means you can customize category descriptions as much as you like. Each product gets its own unique link, so you can point to it from articles elsewhere on the web.

Products can have sale prices with sale start and end dates, rebate periods, and MRP/MAP handling.

Do you use a drop shipper? If your shipper provides an electronic inventory let us automatically import it!

 PageDragon Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

There are lots of ways to add photos and graphics to your site. you can use PageDragon's photo gallery to manage and display albums directly on the site, or drop your Flickr albums in any web page.

 PageDragon Articles


Post articles or create a blog. Each article you post is also a mini-photo gallery. Articles appear in summarized form. Clicking "Read More" shows the full text of the article.

Just like any other text in PageDragon, you can add graphics, Flash, or links to PDF files.