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PageDragon Website Content Management System

PageDragon offers much more than just a is a content management system as well.  After your website design is implemented by PageDragon developers, you are in control of your entire site.  PageDragon offers a simple word processing tool that allows you to magage your website's pages, photos, and text with extreme ease.  This provides you with the ability to change your site at any time without waiting for a developer to do it for you.  PageDragon eliminates any costs that would normally be associated with updating your site, saving you money on every update. 

PageDragon can fullfill any order for a custom site, but we have several specific site types that are of interest to our customers and for which we offer specialized functionality. Some of these are:

Artistic Portfolio Website Features 

  • Show off your art work with a image galleries.
  • Post your new artwork as you create.
  • Sell your work right from your site.
  • Tell Your Artistic Story.
  • Let the website visitor know who you are.


Automotive Website Features

  • Manage your inventory right on your site.
  • Show multiple vehicle photos.
  • List features and options.
  • Easy inventory search.



Business Website Features

  • Target your business niche's audience.
  • Manage all content from the web.
  • Search engine friendly. (SEO)
  • Integrate with social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


E-commerce - Online Store

  • Offer an entire gallery of your products.
  • Display your products individually providing detailed descriptions.
  • Focus your buyers on featured products.
  • Provide direct payment options.


 Real Estate Website Features

  • Focus on only one home or provide a complete listing of your featured homes.
  • Offer a virtually property walk-through for your online vistitors.
  • Provide a detailed home feature description for each home.
  • Display multiple images of the featured home.




 Restaurant Website Features


  • Inform your potential customers what your restaurant offers.
  • describe scale and ambience of the restaurant.
  • Offer your menu of items online.
  • Offer specials and coupons.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO & SEM) Services

PageDragon provides full service SEO campaigns that count.  Let Internet Users know where you are on the web, obtain a #1 Google ranking!